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Criminal Investigations (CID)
The Criminal Investigations Division
(CID) CIDStaff_web.pngis responsible for the follow-up investigations of misdemeanor and felony complaints. The division has two main components, Narcotics and Investigations and are supervised by a Sergeant and a Lieutenant.

Typically when an offense has been reported to the Police Department, it is forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division Sergeant for review. Cases are assigned by the Sergeant to one of the Detectives for follow-up. The Detective will then contact the complainant, as soon as he/she is able, for any follow up information.

Officers in Charge: 
Lt. Bill Anderson - 512-670-5569 Sgt. Tricia Mirabelle - 512-670-5524
Narcotics Section
The Narcotics Section is comprised of one Sergeant. At any time, any officer of the department may be used to assist in a narcotics investigation.

If you have narcotics related information or questions, you may contact the Narcotics Section at 512-670-5573 or email Sgt. Scott McKissack

Detectbadge_thumb.pngThe Investigations Section is composed of one Sergeant and seven (7) Corporals/Detectives who are assigned cases for follow-up of leads. These leads may identify persons responsible for committing crimes in the City of Pflugerville.

These investigators have received training in specialized crimes such as: 
  • Homicide
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Computer/internet crimes

The Investigation Section is responsible for many different aspects of investigative operations such as:
  • Clearing as many cases as possible
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Interrogating suspects
  • Recovering stolen property
  • Preparing cases for the prosecutor
  • Processing major scenes such as sex crimes and computer crimes.
  • Collecting and preserving evidence found at crime scenes.

All patrol officers are trained in evidence recovery, but the Investigations section is specially trained to look for fingerprints, tool marks, and trace evidence. They photograph and diagram scenes. This is a very tedious job, which at times can mean the difference between an unsolved crime or imprisoning a perpetrator.

Information on Specific Crimes
To find out more information on these specific crimes and what is needed by the Criminal Investigations Division in order to investigate these crimes, follow the links below: 

If you have been a victim of a crime in the City of Pflugerville, you are encouraged to contact the Pflugerville Police Department at 512-251-4004 to make a report.

If you have made a report but have not been contacted by a detective, you may check the status of your case by calling or emailing Sgt. Tricia Mirabelle at 512-670-5524.

If you already know the name of the detective assigned to your case, you may call or email the detective directly using the information provided below. If the detective is not available, you may leave a message and you should be contacted soon after your message is received.

Contact Us
Lt. Bill Anderson
(512) 670-5569

Cpl. Robert Wilson
(512) 670-5529 

Cpl. Michael De La Rosa
(512) 670-5553

Cpl. Israel Limas
(512) 670-5547

Cpl. Richard Thomas
(512) 670-5585
Sgt. Tricia Mirabelle
(512) 670-5524

Cpl. Mark Richardson
(512) 670-5546 
Cpl. Jared Bruno
(512) 670-5584

Cpl. Kurk Anderson
(512) 670-5526