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Welcome to information on water providers, service areas, watering restrictions and the conservation efforts now in effect for outdoor watering in Pflugerville. 

Restriction Management Ordinance
Notice: Stage 2 Water Restrictions: Pflugerville is in Stage Two Water Restrictions for all residents and water customers as of June 9, 2015. Please follow the restrictions and help us conserve. Hand-held watering of plants/lawns permitted any day after 7 p.m. and before 10 a.m. with a positive shut-off nozzle on your hose or watering bucket/can. Carwashing is permitted on your watering day before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m. 

Windermere/Southwest Water Customers
- Stage 2 for Southwest  Your water schedule

2014 Water Quality Reports are now online   (Spanish versions available by request)

Questions about your water bill?   Water Rate Chart
The city has had many calls since we switched from Stage 3 to Stage 2, and since the drier months have hit. Before you call the city about your water bill, please review this water checklist. 
  • Have you had an electric power surge? Power surges can reset your sprinkler system to manufacturer settings, so you may think you’re watering once a week for 10 minutes a zone and actually be watering two to three times a week at 15 minutes. If your sprinkler system did reset, the clock may be off too. You might be watering while you’re at work in the heat of the day, and not realize it.
  • When is the last time you inspected your water softener? Look at its age and if it’s in need of any recommended routine maintenance or repairs. Water softeners can get stuck in regeneration mode or regenerate if reset from a power surge too. 
  • Do you have the greenest lawn on the block? – Check your sprinkler settings again, even if you haven’t touched it lately. - Do you have a green spot in one spot of your lawn? - A big green spot in an area of your lawn can indicate a leak. 
  • Did you change your water schedule when the city went from Stage 3 to Stage 2? Adding one additional watering day a week may have put you in the higher price per gallon rate. Water is charged by volume, so by adding an extra 10,000 gallons to your bill, your cost could go up more significantly. (water rate chart by volume)
  • Is your toilet running? Make sure your toilet isn’t running when it hasn’t been used. To test, put a drop of food coloring in the tank and wait a few minutes to see if the color ends up in the bowl. If so, your tank may be running and leaking water. 
  • Did you fully turn off your outdoor faucet?  Make sure you’ve turned off all your outdoor faucets after you washed the car. Any dripping that’s happening at the base of your hose if you forgot to turn the hose off can really add up.
Still not sure? Please call utility billing at 512-990-6100 and we can check your individual account data.

Sprinkler System Audits
The city Public Works Department offers sprinkler system audits to customers. Schedule one for your home by calling 512-990-6400. Please make sure you can be home during the sprinkler audit that you request as city staff need access to your sprinkler box.

Water source
The city's water comes from Lake Pflugerville which is fed by the Highland Lakes and ground water.  idea of how Pflugerville's water ties in to the current restrictions and conservation mandates: 
Water Restrictions in Pflugerville - Why?

 Colorado River Watersheds
Colorado River Basin Watersheds
Lower Colorado Basin (Lake Pflugerville)
 Lower Colorado River Basin (Lake Pflugerville) provided by Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is a comprehensive site containing pertinent information to help you learn how to use water efficiently during this prolonged drought cycle. logo

            Additional Instructional videos & materials provided by LCRA