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November Bond Election 2014 - Transportation, Parks

Pflugerville Voters Approve two bond propositions for transportation and parks
Councilmembers Sattler and Marshall were re-elected

News Release

Voting results: 37% of 30,393 registered voters in Pflugerville voted in the November 2014 General Election.

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The transportation bond approved $28 million and parks bond approved $25 million.

Transportation Projects: $28 million

  • Pecan Street EastE. Pecan Street from State Highway 130 eastward to Weiss Lane will be three lanes with curb and gutter with a sidewalk and rehabilitation from Weiss to Cameron Road. These are the first three lanes of a future six-lane corridor for East Pecan. The city's Thoroughfare Plan indicates that one day Pecan will be a six-lane road with this as the first step of achieving that goal. These three lanes would be the first half of the future six lane corridor.
    : Under design. Surveys are complete and the right-of-way notices are out for property acquisition. (September 2015)

  • East Pflugerville Parkway from SH 130 east toward Lake Pflugerville will include reconstruction of the existing two-lane road with curb and gutter and providing the first two lanes of a future four lane corridor as identified in the city's Thoroughfare Plan. A new sidewalk will run along Pflugerville Parkway from Colorado Sand Drive to Becker Farm Road
    Update: Still in early stages of design. Construction anticipated in Fall 2016. 

  • Weiss Lane will undergo a reconstruction to the existing two lane section and incorporate shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections. This project is via a cost-sharing safety project with Travis County bond funds ($6.73 million) previously approved by county voters to reconstruct the current roadway with turn lanes and drainage improvements.
    At the November 18, 2014 Council meeting, the city approved an inter-local agreement with Travis County to proceed on improvements to Weiss Lane. With the announcement of a fourth high school along Weiss Lane, the Council has put Weiss Lane back on the ballot for residents to decide if they want a four-lane or a two-lane Weiss Lane. (2015 Bond Election Information) Current bonded project is in conceptual design for a two-lane rural section. 

  • Rowe Lane will undergo reconstruction of the existing two-lane section and add shoulders to the road. The project is via a cost-sharing safety project with Travis County bond funds (1.46 million) approved by voters to reconstruct the existing two-lane section.
    November 18, 2014 the City Council approved an inter-local agreement to proceed with Travis County on improvements to Rowe Lane. The preliminary survey is complete and plans are underway with environmental review. (October 2015) Expect construction in 2016.
  • Heatherwilde Boulevard from State Highway 45 south to Wilke Ridge Lane will widen into a four-lane urban roadway with utility and pedestrian improvements, a bridge replacement and an added hike and bike trail underpass. A traffic signal will be added at Kingston Lacy Boulevard and intersection improvements will align New Meister Lane where it intersects Heatherwilde Blvd to a 90-degree angle.
    Update: Design is 95% complete and the city is finalizing property acquisition. Private utility relocations are set to begin now that land owner agreements are complete. City staff anticipate bidding and award of project before the end of the calendar year. (October 2015) 

  • Pfennig Lane will have a three-lane section that includes a two-way central left turn lane, curb and gutter and curve modifications.  
    Update: Design is underway.(October 2016)

  • Substandard neighborhood streets in the Heatherwilde and Windermere area including Cactus Blossum Drive, Columbine Street, Ardisia Drive, Simsbrook Drive, Dashwood Creek Drive, Blackthorn Drive, Thackeray Lane, Gravesbend Road, Isle of Man Road, Isle of Man Court, Gower Street and Langland Road would be reconstructed.
    Update: Under design. (August 2015)

Factoring in community growth and based on city revenues and projections, the $28 million transportation bond, if approved by the voters, is currently estimated to cost $76 dollars per year for the average Pflugerville homeowner. 

Parks and Recreation Projects $25 million
Park project discussions began in the Fall of 2013 with the presentation of the Parks & Recreation Commission's recommended Capital Improvement Project list for FY 2014 to the City Council. The Parks & Recreation Commission voted on a formal recommendation to the City Council for the proposed project list for the potential General Obligation Bond Election at its January 11, 2014 retreat.  The 5 year project plan outlines the Parks Commission's priority projects.lake plan

Proposed projects include:  Money for trail development, an athletic sports complex, Lake Pflugerville Master Plan improvements and undeveloped park improvements.
  • Undeveloped park development: Funding would support various amenities including but not limited to trails or walkways, playscape elements, a dog park and shade structures as identified in the Trails Master Plan and Undeveloped Park Study. 
    Update: Stonehill Park, Highland Park and Highland Park North parks in design.
  • Trails - Trail improvements, additions and upgrades based on selections from the Parks and Recreation Commission's 5-year Comprehensive Park Plan. The trails of highest priority to the Parks and Recreation Commission include Brookhollow Trail, Gilleland Creek (Dessau to Bohls), Pfairways Trail, Settler's Valley Trail Gap, Trail connection between Heritage Loop and Creekside Trail loop, Heritage Park Trail and Kuempel Connector. Current city trail map Update: Design underway (August 2015)

  • Sports complex - A sports complex would be pursued based on the Pflugerville Athletic Complex Study. The project could include numerous sports fields, parking, restrooms, seating and other associated amenities on 80-120 acres of land. Update:
    Update: Site selection underway. (August 2015)  City purchased land for sports complex.

  • Lake Pflugerville  Upgrades as outlined in the recent Lake Pflugerville Master Plan to include additional shade structures, trail improvements, board walk, restrooms and leisure amenities.
Factoring in community growth and based on city revenues and projections, the transportation bond costs $76 a year and the Parks and Recreation bond costs $68 per year for the average Pflugerville homeowner. City estimates, based on tax rate, appraisals, estimated city growth and debt service indicate the bonds could have a tax impact from 6-9 cents over five years or an estimated cost of $144 annually for the average Pflugerville homeowner. This $144 will be dependent on when the funds are acquired and on project timelines.