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Roadway and traffic changes near Pflugerville schools

Post Date:08/10/2018

The City of Pflugerville wants to make sure that all parents and drivers are aware of NEW roadway changes on Railroad Avenue and Kelly Lane that affect driving patterns near schools.

Railroad Avenue traffic pattern changes

  • New lanes in front of Brookhollow Elementary help keep thru-traffic progressing smoothly. Turning traffic now has space to wait for a safe left turn or right turn into the school. (This change can manage traffic patterns for up to 15,000 cars a day; currently, we have less than 7000.)
  • A dedicated southbound right-turn lane into the Brookhollow campus driveways to help with peak school drop-off and pick-up congestion concerns.
  • A parking lane for homeowners on South Railroad Avenue.
  • Signal modifications and four-lane approaches at the Pfennig Lane intersection – Now there is a right-turn, straight, and left-turn lane in each direction. Signal modifications provide for protected and permitted left-turns to reduce traffic delays.
  • Pedestrian pushbuttons are being upgraded to enhance accessibility at the Pfennig Lane intersection.
  • There will be no change to the school zones or mid-block crosswalk, however new yield lines for northbound and southbound traffic help serve as a buffer and traffic yield reminder.

The contractor is using the MoKan right-of-way across the street from Brookhollow Elementary School as a staging area, so the City requests that parents please only use the northern most access point to this area for drop-off & pick-up activities.

Cross Walk kidsNew crosswalk at Kennemer and Kelly Lane

Based on staff observation of the intersection and with input from the Pflugerville Independent School District and parents, the City will add a second crosswalk from the northeast corner of the intersection to the southeast corner to reduce the time needed for safe crossing by about 16 seconds which allows another 8 to 10 vehicles per signal per cycle.

The new crosswalk on the east side of the Kennemer and Kelly Lane intersection will help maintain safe crossing options during peak school travel times while reducing traffic delays during rush hour.

During the morning hours of 7 -8 a.m., heavy southbound right-turn and westbound vehicular traffic volumes at the intersection conflict with pedestrian traffic at the intersection for Murchison Elementary, Kelly Lane Middle School, and Hendrickson High School campuses. For student safety at the existing crosswalks, the City has operated the traffic signal with an “exclusive pedestrian phase” which requires all vehicular traffic to stop in all directions to allow continuous walking periods across the street. The exclusive phase will continue, but the crossing time will reduce thanks to the second crosswalk. The City is working on bids now and plans to have the sidewalk and signal improvements in place by early September.

If you have any questions on these projects, please contact the City’s project manager, Chad Wood, at or by phone at (512) 990-6341. 

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