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Pflugerville City Council adopt the budget and set the tax rate at .4976

Post Date:09/25/2019 9:50 AM

budget pie chart 2020On Tuesday, September 24, the City Council approved the City of Pflugerville FY20 budget and kept the tax rate at its current rate of .4976.

"The final tax rate is an effort to alleviate resident concerns about rising property taxes and home values, while also producing a budget that is an investment in our community and our downtown," Mayor Victor Gonzales said. "We heard our citizens tell us what they wanted from their City, and we have approved a budget and tax rate that is both fiscally conservative while allowing us to purchase the needs we have that make Pflugerville where quality meets life. City Council dug into the budget and made cuts to preserve the current tax rate for our citizens at .4976 while taking advantage of recent sales tax growth to cover our needs."

First, Council unanimously approved a motion by Councilmember Jim McDonald adopting the FY20 budget as proposed by staff while amending the Transit System Pilot Program from approximately $276,000 to $177,000 and increasing city sales tax revenue projections to $11.15 million. City staff recommended the increase in projected sales tax revenues for FY20 based on actual sales tax revenues received for FY19. Next, in a vote of 5 to 1, the Council approved a motion by Councilmember Weiss to set the tax rate at .4976, the same rate as FY19.

The City represents 19.7% of a resident’s total property tax bill. The average Pflugerville homeowner with a $254,485 home would pay $1266.32 to the City. For each dollar paid to the City, 34 cents supports law enforcement, 19 cents supports administrative services, 16 cents supports community services, 16 cents supports public works and 15 cents supports development services.

The citizen survey conducted in May 2019 recognized traffic management, transit system development, jobs/economic development, and enhancements to downtown Pflugerville as the four top issues that need emphasis from city leaders. The approved budget addresses many of these resident recommendations

Budget highlights:TaxDollarBreakdown2019crop

  • Street projects and repairs include Old Austin Hutto Road and Kelly Lane. Additional funds are allocated for maintenance and street repairs.
  • Park improvements include Wilbarger Creek Park, Lake Pflugerville upgrades, a Gilleland Pool Restroom, and Stone Hill Splash Pad. 
  • 13 New positions: Senior Planner, Code Compliance Officer, Environmental Specialist, Senior Engineer, Parks Operation Technician and two Patrol Officers, Utility Foreman, Regulatory Operator, two Water Treatment Plant Operators, two Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators.
  • City-wide Comprehensive Plan
  • Downtown Utilities Inventory and Location Analysis
  • American Disabilities Act Transition Plan
  • Traffic Signal Study
  • Phase 2 Drainage Master Plan
  • Transit System Pilot Program

The budget goes into effect starting October 1, 2019.

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