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Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis presented for Kelly Lane

A signal and roundabout recommended
Post Date:10/09/2019 10:03 AM

In August the City Council approved the hiring of consultant, DKS, to conduct a Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis reviewing the Kelly Lane and Hidden Lake Drive/Jakes Hill Road and the Falcon Pointe Boulevard/Vilamoura Street intersections. On October 8, DKS presented their short and long-term recommendations to City Council to reduce traffic congestion and address safety concerns in the area.

The recommendations include immediate installation of a temporary traffic signal at Kelly Lane and Jakes Hill/Hidden Lake Boulevard and to restrict all turn movements across Kelly Lane at Vilamoura/Falcon Pointe intersection with the use of tubular delineators as vertical markers (pictured)deliniator. The change would result in no left turns from each direction at the Vilamoura/Falcon Pointe intersection while Phase 2 is designed and constructed. The Design of Phase 3 widening of Kelly Lane will incorporate a permanent signal with mast arms, as the signal would remain at the Hidden Lake Drive/Jakes Hill intersection over the road in the future with construction of Kelly Lane Phase.  The long-term recommendation is to consider a design option to replace vertical markers with a roundabout at Kelly Lane and the Vilamoura/Falcon Pointe intersection to include left-turn movements on side streets across Kelly Lane and continue eliminating the conflict points that currently exist.

The study included providing a grade for the measure of frustration experienced by drivers when waiting at each intersection based on seconds of driving delay. Based on the existing conditions, the intersections received grades of C to F based on traffic delays from 30 seconds to 70 seconds per vehicle. The study concluded that 45% of crashes occur between 4 and 7 p.m. and most of the crashes are from right angle turns and results of risky turn movements. Criteria warrants as analyzed were not met for a signal at Kelly Lane and Vilamoura/Falcon Pointe. City staff were asked to return to Council in November with timelines and recommendations. No action was taken on the item. 

Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis Presentation 

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