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Pet Tips- Keep coyotes and predators out of your yard

Post Date:02/03/2020 9:21 AM
Watch the newest episode of Pet Tips to keep coyotes and other predators out of your yard


Hawks, coyotes and owls are wildlife that can be dangerous for household pets. Watch an interview with Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services Director Rhonda McLendon on Pet Tips to make sure you know how to keep your pfour-legged family members safe and how to discourage predator wildlife from your yard. 

Some immediate steps you can take:
Eliminate large brush piles which create a location for wildlife to hide
Install coyote rollers on the top of your fence if you backup to a field or wildlife area
Accompany your pets when they go outside in the backyard to keep them safe. 
Pick up fruit that falls on the ground from fruit trees - this can attract predators. 
Feed your pets indoors so food and the smell of food is not outside to attract other animals. 

Watch Pet Tips on the City's Youtube channel at Other episodes include pet adoption, watching out for snakes, and pet care tips. 


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