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Provisions of the Animal Control Ordinance include:

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  • Leash required: An animal must be either confined in structure, cage, vehicle, or in a fence or wall of sufficient strength or construction to prevent their escape, or secured on a leash or lead.
  • Impounded animals are taken to the Pflugerville Animal Shelter.
  • 5 days to claim lost pets: Attempts are made to contact the owner if known, or a letter is sent to the owner if known. If the owner fails to respond within five days, the animal becomes the property of the City of Pflugerville. (Keep your microchip information current)
  • After 5 days, up for adoption: Most animals are placed up for adoption or made available to rescue groups after the fifth day of impoundment.
  • Lost Pets: Citizens may, and are encouraged to, come in to Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services daily to check on a lost or missing animal. You can also check our city website and don't forget to visit our Lost and Stray Pets webpage to look for your missing pet!  You can also check our Facebook page to see if your pet has been found or to post a picture during after-hours. We also recommend putting out posters for your missing pet, and posting on Pflugerville Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.

Dangerous Animals

Animal Welfare Services investigates complaints of aggressive and dangerous dogs. If you see a loose dog that is acting aggressive, contact Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services at 512-990-PETS(7387) or contact the Pflugerville Police Department at 512-990-6700.

Wild Animals 


Animal Bites

Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services (P.A.W.S.) investigates animal bites. Call 9-1-1 if a person has been attacked, bitten or scratched by a domestic or wild animal and they need emergency medical attention. If emergency care is not required, call Animal Welfare Services at 512-990-7387 during business hours, or Pflugerville Police Dept at 512-990-6700 after hours. All animal bites must be reported to Animal Welfare Services, even if it is the owner's pet that bit them. Owners of dogs involved in bite cases must provide a current rabies vaccination certificate to P.A.W.S. If the animal is not currently vaccinated or if the vaccination status is unknown, the animal will be placed in quarantine at the shelter or a vet clinic to be observed.  Animals that are currently vaccinated and that were restrained at the time the bite occurred might qualify for home quarantine.  Animal Services Officers will determine if a home quarantine is allowed.

Neglected and Abused Animals 

Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services (P.A.W.S.) also actively investigates animal cruelty complaints. If you suspect animal cruelty, contact the P.A.W.S. and an Animal Services Officer will be sent to investigate.

Other Services

  • Snakes and Injured or Sick Wildlife
    Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services (P.A.W.S.) also deals with snakes and injured or sick wildlife. P.A.W.S. does not put out traps for wildlife in general, unless it is sick or injured.
  • Bees and Wasps
    Animal Welfare Services does not deal with insects. For removal of bees or wasps, a pest control company or beekeeper. Those companies can be found online or in the area phone directories
  • Chickens
    Chickens are permitted in the City limits of Pflugerville but must be restrained and not cause a noise or odor nuisance. Residents are encouraged to check homeowner association regulations for your neighborhood.


The Pflugerville Animal Shelter, in conjunction with PetPoint Solutions, has acquired a new web-based animal shelter management program. The PetPoint Shelter Management program comes free to shelters using the 24PETWATCH microchip and lost pet recovery program.

PetPoint's user-friendly software allows all animals to be entered into the system immediately upon intake, and then be tracked throughout their stay at the shelter. The shelter's affiliation with PetPoint Solutions and 24PetWatch also allows for microchipping of all animals before adoption.

PetPoint allows for easy maintenance of animals posted online for adoption and can automatically update online adoptable animal listings each hour, including pictures, stories and profiles listed on PetTango.