Protecting Your Pet in an Emergency

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Don't Pforget your Pet!

When there is bad weather in Pflugerville, it can be scary for your pet too. From thunderstorms to flash floods to tornadoes, make sure you have a plan that includes how to safely care for your pet. Plan ahead; bring pets indoors in advance of storms and events. If you don't want to be outside, your pet doesn't either!

Thunderstorms - Thunder can scare your pet. If you have an outdoor pet, consider bringing them inside to a secure, dry room, like the garage. Provide blankets, food, and water for them until the storm has left. Try playing soothing music or white noise in the background to help calm your pet. A favorite toy or games can also help distract your pet.

If there is flooding or flood potential, bring your pet inside. Consider putting them in a crate so you're ready to take them with you if you need to leave your home. Make sure you have plenty of food, water, and supplies for your pet. Consider giving them a toy, treat or chew bone (dogs) to help if the rain or thunder causes stress.

Tornado - If there is a tornado watch or warning, keep your pets nearby. If you go into a centrally located room in your home, take the family pets in there too. Crates can help keep your pets secure.


Lost pets

Pets may escape from backyards if they become scared by a storm, thunder, fireworks or loud noises. Please make sure your pet has a microchip with your current contact information. If your pet is picked up by the city, you have five days to claim your pet from the Pflugerville Animal Shelter. Attempts are made to contact the owner, if known, for 5 days; after which, a certified letter is sent to the last known address. Having a current microchip makes it easier for the city to reunite lost pets and owners. Keep collars with informational tags on your pet every time it is outdoors.