Boards and Commissions

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The City of Pflugerville encourages citizens to express their thoughts, volunteer their time and talents, and to actively participate in their local government. Citizens interested in volunteering to serve on a board or commission are encouraged to find out more, attend a meeting of the board or commission of interest, and submit an application.

Applications are also available through the City Secretary’s Office by calling 512-990-6103.

General Qualifications

Each candidate for appointment as a member of a board or commission must be a registered voter of the city who has resided within the corporate city limits or within territory annexed prior to the appointment, for at least twelve months preceding the appointment. Board or commission members serve without compensation and must not be employed by or hold any other position in city government. In addition to any other requirements prescribed by the council, members must maintain the qualifications established while in office. No member of a board or commission may remain in his/her position after being elected or appointed to city office. Members of a board or commission are limited to three consecutive full terms in office. A person who has served three consecutive full terms as a board or commission member may not again hold the same office until at least one term out of office has passed.

PF 101 Citizens Program 

PF 101 

Purpose: This is a program designed to teach residents about our day to day functions and roles of local government. PF 101 is an opportunity to cultivate future leaders and showcase talents of staff. PF 101 will consist of eight sessions beginning January 9th. Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in various locations throughout the city. Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Membership: Must be a Pflugerville resident and a registered voter in the city limits. Apply today!

Boards and Commissions

Board of Adjustment

Purpose: Conducts hearings and grants, grants with conditions, or denies variances to the Zoning and Site Development Codes, including variances from masonry, building height, building setback, and landscaping requirements. Hears requests and renders decisions regarding special exceptions when applicants propose to expand non-conforming uses. Hears and renders decisions regarding appeals of decisions or interpretations of the Building Official.

Membership: Composed of five regular members and two alternate members serving two-year terms.

Charter Review Commission

Purpose: The Charter Review Commission is the entity appointed by the City Council to inquire into the operations of the city and review the city charter to determine whether it requires revision.

Membership:  Two years after the initial adoption of the City Charter and every five years after, the council appoints no fewer than thirteen, nor more than twenty citizens who meet the requirements of Section 8.02 of the Charter to serve in the capacity of Charter Review Commission Member. 

Falcon Pointe Reinvestment Zone No. One (TIRZ) Board

Purpose: The City Council adopted an ordinance on December 14, 2010 which designated Reinvestment Zone No. One, also known as the Falcon Pointe TIRZ.

Membership: As designated by the ordinance, the Mayor nominates and appoints five citizens to the Board of Directors of the reinvestment zone and the City Council approves the appointments.
Place 1 serves as Chair of the Board of Directors. The Vice Chair is elected by the Board of Directors. All actions of the Board of Directors must be approved by the City Council.

Library Board

Purpose: Annually submits a five-year comprehensive library plan; makes recommendations concerning library policy and procedure, programs, services, grants, and fundraising.

Membership: Composed of seven regular members serving two-year terms, and one alternate member serving a one-year term. The alternate member may vote if a regular member is absent. Liaisons to the Board include one high school student from the Pflugerville Independent School District.

Parks and Recreation Commission

Purpose: Annually submits a five-year comprehensive park plan; makes recommendations regarding the management, maintenance, use, and improvement of all parks and public recreational facilities owned or controlled by the city; makes recommendations concerning acquiring real property and concerning donations, legacies, and bequests; makes recommendations regarding recreational programs and events.

Membership: Composed of six members serving two-year terms, one high school student member serving a one year term, and one alternate member serving a one year term. The student member is not required to be a registered voter. The alternate member may vote if a regular member is absent.

Personnel Appeal Board

Purpose: Conducts hearings and renders decisions regarding appeals to suspensions, demotions, and terminations for commissioned peace officers that are regular, full-time employees or regular, part-time employees of the City.

Membership: Not less than five members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council to serve for up to three years. Any given board is composed of three of the appointed members. Members must be at least 21, have no criminal record, no prior employment with the city, and be a resident of the city for at least three years.

Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) Board

Purpose: Manages the affairs of the 4B Corporation which promotes economic development in order to eliminate unemployment and underemployment, and to promote and encourage employment and the public welfare of, for, and on behalf of the city by developing, purchasing, leasing, implementing, providing, and financing projects under Section 4B of the Development Corporation Act of 1979.

Membership: Composed of seven members serving two-year terms. Each director must be a qualified voter of the city and be a resident of the city, however there is no certain length of residency required. Up to four employees of the city, members of the City Council, or other officers of the city are allowed to serve on the board.

Planning and Zoning Commission

Purpose: Approves or disapproves plats of proposed subdivisions; reviews and makes recommendations on the zoning of land; annually submits an annexation plan and a five-year capital improvements plan; drafts rules and regulations governing platting and subdividing of land and recommends them to the city council for adoption; reviews and makes recommendations on the zoning of land; drafts rules and regulations regarding zoning; amends the comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city and recommends the comprehensive plan to the council for approval; annually submits a five-year capital improvements plan.

Membership: Composed of seven members serving two-year terms.


Bond Committee

The City of Pflugerville’s Bond Committee meets weekly and is discussing projects for consideration of a bond election in May 2020. For more information on this committee visit

Deutschen Pfest

Purpose: The Deutschen Pfest Steering Committee is a group of volunteers that plan each year’s Deutschen Pfestival, which is an annual fundraiser in support of parks in Pflugerville. There are eleven roles and a chairperson. The committee chairpersons plan each year’s Pfestival, with meetings beginning in October. If you have feedback or want to contact the committee, call 512-990-6350 or email

Membership: One parks and recreation commission representative and community volunteers.

Finance and Budget

Purpose: The Finance and Budget Committee acts at the direction of the City Council. It reviews all accounting related policies and procedures, monthly financial reports, budget and budget revisions, requests from proposals from independent auditors to be engaged to audit the City, the annual financial report and any other requests for financial review made by the City Council.

Membership: 5 members to include 1 Council member and 4 citizens.
Citizen committee members must be registered voters of the city, who, and to the extent possible, shall be finance professionals such as accountants, Certified Public Accountants, auditors, or have equivalent experience. Citizen Committee members are appointed by the City Council to serve two-year terms and serve until their successors are appointed and qualified. Citizen Committee members are limited to three consecutive full terms. A Citizen Committee member who has served three consecutive full terms may not again be appointed until at least one full term off of the Committee has passed.