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2016 Charter Review Commission Recommendations

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The information below is the recommendations of the Charter Review Commission that led to the final ballot wording. Official ballot language for the Charter Amendment Election can be found at the above link. /La Comisión de Revisión de la Carta hizo las siguientes recomendaciones. Idioma oficial papeleta para la enmienda a la Carta de la elección se puede encontrar arriba.

City Council received a presentation on the 2015/2016 Charter Review Commission Report on July 12. Below is the list as presented to council of 25 recommended items.

Amendment 1: An amendment providing for annexation and disannexation consistent with the requirements of State law.

Amendment 2: An amendment increasing the City Council from six members to seven members, providing the Mayor the right to vote on all matters, and removing the responsibility of preparing City Council agendas.

Amendment 3: An amendment providing for a process for filling a vacancy on City Council consistent with the Texas Constitution.

Amendment 4: An amendment providing that a violation of the prohibition on interference with administration is grounds for removal from office.

Amendment 5: An amendment providing that a violation of the prohibition on nepotism is grounds for removal from office.

Amendment 6: An amendment providing a hearing process for an office holder subject to removal from office.

Amendment 7: An amendment extending the prohibition on holding other compensated appointive city office or employment from one year to two years after the expiration of a term of office.

Amendment 8: An amendment changing the requirement that City Council meet with boards and commissions from annually to an as-needed basis.

Amendment 9: An amendment clarifying the process for an ordinance to be effective on one reading.

Amendment 10: An amendment clarifying that an emergency ordinance may be adopted, amended, and rejected at the same meeting.

Amendment 11: An amendment providing that an affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members of the city council shall be required to terminate a city manager.

Amendment 12: An amendment revising the time a city manager shall become a resident of the city from a “reasonable time” to within “180 days after the appointment” of the City Manager.

Amendment 13: An amendment to provide that the city manager is responsible for appointing an acting city manager to serve in the city manager’s absence or disability instead of the city council.

Amendment 14: An amendment requiring that the municipal judge be a resident of the City.

Amendment 15: An amendment providing that regular city elections shall be held annually on the uniform election day as designated by resolution of the City Council instead of on a date closest to the second Saturday in May.

Amendment 16: An amendment changing the referendum and nonbinding referendum petitions signature requirements from twenty percent to fifteen percent of the qualified voters of the City.

Amendment 17: An amendment allowing petitioners to provide their date of birth instead of their voter registration number on petitions.

Amendment 18: An amendment requiring the City Secretary to respond to certain petition filing issues by the next business day.

Amendment 19: An amendment revising the powers of the planning and zoning commission to make recommendations to the city council regarding zoning proposals, submit a five-year capital improvement plan regarding parks, transportation and utilities to the City Council and revising meeting requirements.

Amendment 20: An amendment revising the number of alternates for the zoning board of adjustment from four to two.

Amendment 21: An amendment revising who may request alternates to attend a zoning board of adjustment to be consistent with state law.

Amendment 22: An amendment revising the number of required meetings for the zoning board of adjustment from one each quarter to one annually.

Amendment 23: An amendment revising the composition, term and powers and duties of the parks and recreation commission.

Amendment 24: An amendment striking multiple sections of the Charter as repetitive of State law.

Amendment 25: An amendment requiring the City Manager to meet quarterly with the representatives of the police association regarding working conditions and compensation.

Projected Future City Council Action

At the regular meeting on August 9, 2016, the City Council is scheduled to order a November 8, 2016, special election to bring forward charter revision propositions to the voters for their consideration.