Pflugerville Community Development Corp. (PCDC)

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The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation is a Texas 4B Economic Development Corporation that collects a one-half cent sales tax off taxable goods purchased in the City of Pflugerville for the purpose of promoting economic development in Pflugerville.  The primary purpose of the PCDC is to provide funding for projects that promote economic development or projects that enhance the parks and recreation facilities of the city.


Manages the affairs of the 4B Corporation which promotes economic development in order to eliminate unemployment and underemployment, and to promote and encourage employment and the public welfare of, for, and on behalf of the city by developing, purchasing, leasing, implementing, providing, and financing projects under Section 4B of the Development Corporation Act of 1979.


Composed of seven members serving two-year terms. Each director must be a qualified voter of the city and be a resident of the city, however there is no certain length of residency required. 

Name Place Term
Erin Kurusz Place 1
A.K. Brewer
Place 2 1/19-12/20
Jim McDonald Place 3 1/20-12/21
Jeff Coleman Place 4 1/19-12/20
Ken Dalfonso
Place 5 1/20-12/21
Ron Agnew
Place 6 1/19-12/20
George Vande Werken Place 7 1/20-12/21

Contact Information

Amy Madison - Executive Director

Christian Kurtz - Director of Business Development

Mailing Address:
Box 1160
Pflugerville, TX 78691

16225 Impact Way Ste 2
Pflugerville, TX 78660