Planning & Zoning Commission

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Approves or disapproves plats of proposed subdivisions; reviews and makes recommendations on the zoning of land; annually submits an annexation plan and a five-year capital improvements plan; drafts rules and regulations governing platting and subdividing of land and recommends them to the city council for adoption; reviews and makes recommendations on the zoning of land; drafts rules and regulations regarding zoning; amends the comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city and recommends the comprehensive plan to the council for approval; annually submits a five-year capital improvements plan.


The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of seven members serving two-year terms. The members of the Planning and Zoning Commission are appointed by the Council and serve without compensation. In making appointments to the Commission, the Council shall seek to ensure broad representation and expertise among the membership. The Commission shall establish bylaws to govern rules of procedure and the annual election of officers. The Commission shall exercise the following powers pursuant to Section 8.08 of the City Charter: 

  1. Petition for amending, extending, and adding to the Comprehensive Master Plan;
  2. Recommends Approval or disapproval of Preliminary Plans and Final Plats
  3. Drafts rules and regulations governing platting and subdividing of land that are consistent with the state constitution and laws and recommend them to the City Council for adoption.
  4. Annually recommends an annexation plan to the City Council.
  5. Annually submits a five-year capital improvements plan to the City Council and City Manager.
  6. Other advisory duties as assigned by City Council.

Number of Positions: 7

Term Length: 2 years

Residency Requirements: 12 months

Meeting Date: First Monday of each month, 7 pm

City Council Chambers
100 East Main St., Suite 500

Board Members

Term Ending
Oscar Mitchell 12/21
Ceasar Ruiz
Geoff Guerrero
Robert Romig 12/20
Nicholas Hudson 12/21
Pat Epstein
Dan Seligman 12/21

Agendas and Minutes


If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, you may submit the required application at any time. Regular interviews are conducted in December of each year for terms beginning the first of the following year. To inquire about current openings or for additional information, please contact Karen Thompson by email at or by calling 990-6101.

For more information on the Planning and Zoning Commission please contact the Development Services Center - Planning Department at 512-990-6300 or email