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Transportation Master Plan

 The City of Pflugerville is updating it's Master Transportation Plan. The first step in that process was to gather a lot of people to tell us about their experiences traveling around town. This is the public’s chance to tell us directly where they want us to focus our attention and let us know of the areas you drive and travel through every day that may need extra attention when it comes to traffic flow and safety. The City launched an interactive wikimap but is now closed to new submissions. Along with the map, the City hosted two public open houses to receive resident feedback. Thank you to all of the community that  provided feedback.




Exhibits from the Open House can be viewed in the link below:
09-17-2019 Open House Exhibits






 The wikimap survey is currently closed to new submissionsThe City of Pflugerville is updating its Master Transportation Plan and has launched an interactive wikimap to allow residents to provide feedback on areas of congestion, increased intermodal options, as well as maintenance and safety recommendations. The interactive map has a quick introductory survey to help direct residents on using the tool. Next, residents are encouraged to enter an email address to be connected to the process and have the ability to log back in and update recommendations over the course of the next few months. Users have the ability to place various icons or draw different colored lines wherever new roadway connections, widening, turn lanes, stop signs, traffic signals, and other various roadway improvements are needed. To make it as interactive as possible, residents are not limited to identifying issues only in the city limits or required to submit all ideas in one sitting.

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