Draft Specifications & Details

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The City of Pflugerville is considering the adoption of new technical specifications and details for construction.  These documents will improve efficiency and are in line with industry and regional standards.

 The proposed technical specifications are available for review and comment while work continues on the proposed construction details.

 Please note that these are draft, working documents and items such as cross-references will be cleaned up as part of the final editing process.

 The proposed specifications can be viewed below and comments can be submitted HERE.

Comments will be accepted through Friday July 31st, 2020


Current Specifications & Details can be viewed HERE


Draft Specifications

Series 100 - Earthworks
Series 200 - Subgrade and Base Construction
Series 300 - Street Surface Courses
Series 400 - Concrete Structures and Misc. Concrete
Series 500 - Pipes and Appurtenances
Series 600 - Environmental Enhancement
Series 700 - Incidental Construction
Series 800 - Urban Transportation
Series 1200 - Traffic Signals
Series 1300 - Parks and Recreation
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 Draft Details

Series 300 Street Surface
Series 400 Concrete and Structures
Series 500 Pipe and Appurtenances
Series 600 Environmental
Series 700 Incidental
Series 800 Traffic Control
Series 1000 Typical Street Sections
Series 1100 Trench and Street
Series 1200 Traffic Signal 
Series 1300 PARD 
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Comments and Questions on can be submitted HERE.

Comments will be accepted through Friday July 31st, 2020