Pflugerville Veterans Images of Service

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flag 1The City of Pflugerville Youth Advisory Council (YAC) launched a historic preservation project called Pflugerville Images of Service to help capture photographs and stories from Pflugerville veterans. Concerned that the memory and history of Pflugerville Veterans and their stories may not be preserved, the YAC worked with Mayor Victor Gonzales, Heritage House Museum partners, American Legion Kerlin-Lyerly Post 154 and City staff to collect photographs and historical data from Pflugerville residents and relatives who have served our country.

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The YAC is a high school student program to teach youth about city government and get them more involved the City. Through the Pflugerville Veterans Images of Service project, the goal is for YAC youth to help capture history for the entire community through the collection of photos from veterans. Upon completion of the project, the stories and photographs will be preserved in Pflugerville- Images of Service online digital archive at the library and shared via Instagram and social media platforms.

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