Pflugerville Citizens Survey 2017

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The city of Pflugerville continues to move forward in providing quality services, from police protection to water/wastewater services, from expanding library services to above-the-bar parks and recreation facilities, trails and events.  To determine how well we are meeting the needs, concerns and wants of our citizens, the city uses a third-party to implement a random-sample survey of Pflugerville residents every two years.

In 2017, the city selected ETC Institute as the firm to conduct the surveys. Surveys were sent out to a random sample of Pflugerville residents citywide and 573 respondents participated. In addition, resident feedback was collected online by anyone wishing to take the survey.

2017 results  

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The ETC Survey report contains a summary of methodology for administering the survey and major findings, GIS maps showing the results of selected questions, benchmark data showing how the city of Pflugerville results compare to other cities, importance-satisfaction analysis and provided tables that show the results for each question. Based on these answers, the test has a narrow 4.1% margin of error and is used to identify trends in the city and provide feedback to city staff and council.

The City of Pflugerville was compared to state and national averages obtained by ETC Institute from a nationwide survey. Based on those results, the City of Pflugerville citizen satisfaction ratings exceeded national and regional rankings for 58 out of 67 key comparison and city service areas. The city rated 23% above the U.S. average and 25% above the average Texas city in the overall quality of services provided.


  • 92% of residents rated the city as an excellent or good place to live
  • 89% rated Pflugerville as a place to raise children
  • 85% of residents are satisfied with city leadership and city management
  • 73% feel this city is moving in the right direction.

Areas identified that need improvement include making Pflugerville a place to visit and a place to work.

This is the third citizen survey and data from 2012 and 2015 were used as benchmarks to measure the city’s progress and movement in the right direction. As in 2012 and 2015, flow of traffic and congestion management and maintenance of city streets, drainage and sidewalks ranked a number one priority. With the transportation bond projects approved by the voters underway, the city anticipates helping these traffic flow concerns. In addition, the animal shelter ranked as in need of improvement, and funding has been allocated to make repairs and expand that facility this year.  The most significant increases in satisfaction are for bulky item pickup (18%), children’s collection and library materials (12%) and chipping/limb/yard waste collection services 10%, how quickly city staff respond to requests (10%) walking on city trails In city parks (8% and overall quality of city services (8%).

After ranking satisfaction with city services, residents indicate they want the city to invest in three top priorities:

  1. Traffic management and road widening improvements
  2. Downtown enhancements
  3. Job development

This is the first survey in which downtown and job development have placed in the top three priorities.  In the past water and wastewater services was a top three priority, but recent capital improvements and investments in our water system have helped provide additional water redundancy and quality.

Decreases in satisfaction include sign regulations and bandit sign pickup, abandoned and inoperative vehicles, the quality of downtown, traffic/congestion management, municipal court, and cleanup of junk/debris.  

The survey results were sent to city staff and reviewed by City Council at the April 25 City Council meeting. View the entire survey.

Citizen Survey - Why?

The purpose of the survey is to measure citizen satisfaction with the quality of services in the city. The survey establishes baseline data to measure residential desires and establish future goals.

The ETC Survey report is a summary of the following:

  • Methodology for administering the survey and major findings
  • GIS maps showing the results of selected questions
  • Benchmark data showing how the city of Pflugerville results compare to other cities
  • Importance-satisfaction analysis
  • Tables that show the results for each question
  • A copy of the survey instrument

The survey was mailed to 2000 random households in 2017. This survey complements the 2015 and 2012 Citizen Survey conducted.

Why ETC Institute?

ETC Institute has performed and developed city surveys for more than 50 cities across the country and 26 cities in the state of Texas including Dallas, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi. ETC has an in-house call center, focus group room, full mail service center, internet survey software platform and GIS technology geocoding capabilities. Based on ETC's survey experience, ETC provided benchmarks for Pflugerville to compare Pflugerville to other cities nationwide.

If you have questions about the survey, please call the communications division at 512-990-6115.