911 Addressing

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Addressing Authority

The City of Pflugerville 9-1-1 Addressing assigns all addresses in the Pflugerville’s City Limits and it's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction that have a platted & recorded subdivision plat.

Addresses are assigned based on the City of Austin 911 Addressing Standards, Austin & Travis County Street Name Standards and the CAPCOG Addressing Guidelines.

E 9-1-1 addressing changes within the City are the responsibility of the City of Pflugerville's 9-1-1 Addressing Coordinator.  E 9-1-1 street address numbers are governed by a master grid covering the entire county. This grid consists of designated baselines defining the East-West and North-South quadrants.

Properties in Pflugerville, Texas must have a valid E 9-1-1 street address in order to receive a development permit. This applies to both individuals and contractors. They must use the address by which the parcel is accessed.

Am I in the City?

Verify an address or a street before applying for a permit, check out our Street or Zoning District map.