Fireworks Policy in Pflugerville

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Zero Tolerance for Fireworks in the City of Pflugerville

According to Ord. 395-94-03-22, passed 04-26-1994, the City of Pflugerville has a zero-tolerance policy concerning the use of fireworks in the city limits. Complete Code of Ordinances



For the purpose of this sub-chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

FIREWORKS. Firecrackers, skyrockets, torpedoes, roman candles, sparklers, fire balloons, and all substances, in whatever combination and by whatever name, which are intended for use in obtaining visible or audible effects by combustion, explosion or detonation. Such term shall include all articles or substances within the ordinary meaning of the term fireworks, whether or not specifically designated herein.

PERSON. Any natural person, association or persons, partnership or corporation and shall include any agent, officer, or employee of the foregoing.

(Ord. 395-94-03-22, passed 4-26-94)


Except as provided in § 91.18, the transporting, storing, offering for sale, selling, possession, assembly, manufacture, use or discharge of fireworks within the city and the offering for sale or sale of fireworks within 5,000 feet outside the city limits is hereby declared to be illegal and a public nuisance, and it shall be unlawful for any person to transport, store, offer for sale, sell, have in his possession, use, discharge, cause to be discharged, ignite, detonate or otherwise set into action any fireworks within the city.

(Ord. 395-94-03-22, passed 4-26-94) Penalty, see § 10.99
Statutory reference: Authority to regulate fireworks, see Tex. Loc. Gov’t
Code, § 342.003(a)(8)


The duly appointed and acting Fire Marshal of the city, or his authorized representative, is hereby authorized to enter any premises where the unlawful presence of fireworks is suspected in order to determine whether fireworks are present, and to seize, remove and cause to be destroyed any fireworks found within the city or within 5,000 feet outside the city limits in violation of this sub-chapter.

(Ord. 395-94-03-22, passed 4-26-94)

Cross-reference: Fire Marshal, see § 30.02


(A) This sub-chapter shall not apply to signal flares transported or used by railroads in connection with their operations; signal flares or rockets for police use; auto safety flares; paper caps containing less than .25 of a grain of explosive material per cap, designed for use in toy guns or toy cannons; or to blank cartridges used in connection with athletic or similar events.

(B) This chapter shall not apply to pyrotechnic displays designed to entertain the general public, which have been approved by the Fire Marshal in advance and which are supervised by the Fire Marshal or his authorized representative.

(Ord. 395-94-03-22, passed 4-26-94)