Program Year 2014 (October 2014 - September 2015)

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Projects Completed utilizing 2014 Grant Funds included:



Windermere Playground Improvements

The rehabilitation of the Windermere playground was successfully completed in Fall of 2015. CDBG Funds were used to replace an existing playground structure within Windermere Park. The park now has a new swing set, play-scape, accessible route to the playground, and a safer playground border.  The total cost for the project was $67,210.19.



Youth Scholarships Program

In the 2014-15 program year, thirty-four (34) children of low to moderate income backgrounds were approved for youth recreation scholarships to aid participation in eligible recreation programs. Thirty (30) of the approved children utilized the scholarship. The youth scholarship program was available for a variety of recreation programs, however, programs such as the Pflugerville Summer Pfun Camp, and dance classes were the most popular programs utilized by residents. The total cost for the program was $5,054.00.