Program Year 2015 (October 2015 - September 2016)

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Projects Completed utilizing 2015 Grant Funds included:

As identified in the proposed 2014-2019 Consolidated Plan and PY 2015-16 Action Plan, three projects consisting of sidewalk and accessibility improvements, and youth recreation scholarships were proposed for funding through the use of this grant.

Foothill Farms Loop Sidewalk Construction

Construction of 430 feet of new six (6) foot wide sidewalk along the south side of Foothill Farms Loop, a collector roadway. Currently, there is a gap in the sidewalk system along the south side of the roadway. This project would fill in the gap in the sidewalks system and provide for better pedestrian access to one of the community's largest providers of social services, Travis County Health and Human Services/Veteran's Affairs.  

Recreation Center Accessibility Improvements for Seniors

Construction of new sidewalk and accessible ramp system along the north and west sides of the Recreation Center which houses the Senior Center. Additionally, existing parking spaces will be reallocated to accessible spaces, building modifications for accessible entrances will be made and the drop off area will be improved.

Edgemere Sidewalks

Construction of 550 feet of new five (5) foot wide sidewalks along the west side of Edgemere Drive, north of Ramble Creek Drive and installation of two accessible ramps at the intersection of Edgemere Drive and Ramble Creek Drive.

Youth Scholarship Program

The scholarship program will provide financial assistance to qualifying Pflugerville families in order to facilitate participation in City sponsored youth activities and programs such as Pfun Camp, swim lessons, and various sports, arts and dance programs.