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Our Mission

The Planning Department is committed to providing professional guidance and expertise to promote a healthy and vibrant quality of life through the responsible application of land use and development regulations. By focusing on economic vitality, environmental integrity, and quality development standards, Pflugerville ensures the long-term sustainability of the community’s identity and its values.

Current Projects

Historic Colored Addition Subdivision Land Use & Infrastructure Study 

Downtown Action Plan

The Downtown Action Plan expands upon and provides for an implementation schedule of the 2009 Old Town Pflugerville Vision Report’s action items. Based on extensive public outreach methods, the Old Town Pflugerville Vision Report outlined top 10 desired characteristics for the revitalization of Downtown and providing for a balance of opportunities to live, learn, work and play.  The Downtown Action Plan is intended to be refined every three to five years to account for unforeseen changing conditions. On September 25, 2018, the City Council adopted the Downtown Action Plan (2019-2021) by resolution, in order to represent the City’s continued support and commitment to Downtown.

Downtown Action Plan

Code Amendments

UDC, Subchapter 12 Tree Preservation Standards summary of amendments:

  • Reorganize the applicability statements for clarity. (In lieu of identifying all situations in which the subchapter applies, it now just states that it applies to the City and ETJ with the listed exceptions.)
  • Update the Protected Tree Classifications
    • Modified Class 4 “Tree with DBH 25 inches or more” - Not a heritage tree
    • Added Class 5 - Heritage Tree of 25 + inches now Class 5 with specific tree species.
  • Add Heritage Tree Species (Mostly hardwood trees)
  • Add critical root zone (CRZ) protection fencing specificity and limitations consistent with Tree Technical Manual
  • Add grade changes near CRZ consistent with the Tree Technical Manual.
  • Add the Tree Technical Manual as Appendix A of Subchapter 12 of the UDC.
    • Re-organized for ease of use
    • Added an Appendix C for Tree Protection Construction Details and Notes
    • Updated Protected Tree Classifications
    • Tree Survey: All trees (regardless of tree species) 8 inches or greater must be shown on survey
    • Updated/Refined/Clarified-Tree Protection Fencing Requirements
    • Updated/Refined/Clarified-Tree Protection Fencing Requirements
    • Tree Pruning and Surgery - Shall be performed by or under the supervision of a certified Arborist (Commercial properties)
    • Clarified Maximum Pruning Standards (e.g. “Thinning”, “Raising”, and “Reduction”)
    • Refined and added definitions - added Administrator and City Forester

Subchapter 12 Amendments and Appendix A, Tree Technical Manual

Subchapter 12 Amendments

Appendix A, Tree Technical Manual

UDC, Subchapter 13 Lighting Standards summary of proposed amendments:

  • Prohibit High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light sources
  • Remove the minimum light levels for walkways, landscape or decorative lighting; reduce average light levels.

Subchapter 13 Amendments- Ordinance adopted by Nov. 13, 2018

Subchapter 13 Amendments 

UDC, Subchapter 1 General Provisions summary of amendments:

  • Removed sequence of permit section (relocated in Subchapter 3)
  • Modified the violations section
  • Replaced the penalty section with new section entitled “Enforcement” which includes enforcement and administrative actions.
  • Added a stringency clause where if the Code imposes greater restrictions different than those imposed by another law, the more restrictive provision shall control.

Subchapter 1 Amendments

UDC, Subchapter 2 Administration summary of proposed amendments:

  • Added Fee Schedule provisions – Appendix A reference
  • Updated Commission and Board powers and duties in accordance with new City Charter provisions (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • P&Z – now waivers greater than 20% from the minimum applies to all zoning districts, not just corridor for Subchapter 9, 10, and 11
  • Updated Capital Improvement Advisory Committee composition and term to be more consistent with State law.
  • Added City Manager power and duties associated with the acceptance of easements by separate instrument, when in conjunction with development review process.
  • Relocated Floodplain management responsibilities from Building Official to Development Engineering Director.
  • Separated City Engineer and Development Engineering Director responsibilities
  • Updated City Forester delegation of authority – In absence of City Forester, the Planning Director shall enforce tree preservation standards through the development process. (Subchapter 12 and Tree Technical Manual)
  • Updated the Supplemental Schedule Provisions – to be more of a guiding document.
  • Fee Schedule and Application Submittal and Content requirements shall be adopted by ordinance, and included as Appendix A and B within the UDC.

Subchapter 2 Amendments


UDC, Subchapter 3 Procedures summary of proposed amendments:

  • PAC – applicant must submit request form no less than 3 days prior to requested date.
  • Updated all references to UDC Supplemental Schedule to include references to Appendix A and B of the UDC, respectively.
  • Added section related to applicant resubmittal requirements
  • Now provides for consistent expired application provisions
  • Clarified public hearing notice publication for replats in accordance with State law.
  • Added SUP expiration provisions (2 year expiration if site does not received a site development permit)
  • Added specific expiration for site disturbance permit of 60 days after approval.
  • Added a section related to the submittal of a traffic impact analysis. (Reference mostly)
  • Modified appeal provisions.

Subchapter 3 Amendments


UDC, Subchapter 8 Nonconformities summary of proposed amendments:

  • Adding a provision relating the property owner’s responsibility to proving a legal nonconformity.
  • Updated provisions relating to newly annexed territory consistent with State law.
  • Add a vested rights section.
  • Modified provisions relating to the continuation of a legal nonconforming site.

Subchapter 8 Amendments


UDC, Subchapter 14 Parkland Standards summary of proposed amendments:

  • Established a minimum persons per unit to 1.75 persons per unit for higher density projects in determining the parkland dedication requirement and the Park Development Fee requirement.
  • Changed references of Parks and Recreation Commission to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board consistent with the Charter.
  • Clarified credit for private park area and amenities.

Subchapter 14 Amendments


[Added] Appendix A of UDC: Fee Schedule summary of proposed amendments:

  • Added a separate traffic impact analysis review fee.
  • Added a text amendment application fee for applicant initiated code amendment requests.
  • Modified the Board of Adjustment application fee to cover public hearing notice requirements.

Appendix A of UDC: Fee Schedule

[Added] Appendix B of UDC: Application Submittal and Content Requirements summary of proposed amendments:

  • Electronic review provisions for most application types.

Appendix B of UDC: Application Submittal and Content Requirements

Pflugerville Pfood Truck Pilot Program


  • The City of Pflugerville Pfood Truck Pilot Program launches on Monday, August 13 to encourage food trucks in the city limits.

Food trucks are invited to the Development Services Center offices at 201 B East Pecan to get a permit and health inspection between noon – 3 p.m. on August 27th  to operate in the Pflugerville City Limits for the remainder of 2018. There will be no charge to the food truck for the inspection or the permit. 

The Pfood Truck Application and regulations can be found here.

Zoning Amendments

  • On July 10, 2018, the City Council approved an ordinance modifying the name, purpose, and list of permitted uses of the Agriculture/Conservation (A) zoning district and adding two new zoning districts identified as the Public Facilities and Open Space (PF) district and Austin Executive Airport Hazard Overlay District.  Those changes can be found here and will be available within the Code of Ordinances soon. 

CDBG: Youth Recreation Scholarship Program

Unified Development Code

Interactive Maps

Your source for resident and business related mapping services.

Resident Services Map
Maps included in the link below are Parks and Trails, Street Map, Zoning Districts, Trash and Recycle Collection, Floodplain Information, and Chipping Schedule.

Development Activity Map
Maps included in the link below are Commercial Under Review, Commercial Under Construction, Capital Improvements, Residential Under Review, and Residential Under Construction.

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