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car trafficAs the population of Pflugerville grows, the need for transportation opportunities grows. The Council has approved many transportation projects over the past year and new studies are underway in support of transit in the community.

The 2015 citizen survey indicated traffic and growth as the two largest resident concerns.

While the citizens of Pflugerville opted out of Capital Metro service years ago, the city still works closely with Capital Metro as a regional transportation partner. The Transit Development Plan is being coordinated in conjunction with Capital Metro and our consultant.

Current transportation options

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Personal vehicles
  • Future options could include buses and passenger rail

Pflugerville's city trails and connective sidewalks and walkways help reduce demand on streets and roadways.


The city is developing a Transit Development Plan in partnership with Cap Metro. The plan will outline future commuter and transit opportunities for the city of Pflugerville.

A second transit study approved by City Council is in partnership with Goodman and is reviewing the city's passenger for hire ordinance and assisting with the advising and implementation of transit in the city to include funding mechanisms for a transit center. Both transit plans will be complete in Spring 2016.

Transportation Projects

City-funded transportation projects continuously shape the transportation and roadway options in Pflugerville.