Teen Court

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Pflugerville Teen Court is a new program providing an opportunity for Pflugerville teens to participate in the municipal court process. The City is accepting applications from youth ages 10-17 to serve on the 2019 Teen Court which will consist of 25 youth and will meet on the second Wednesday each month starting on February 13 at 5 p.m. Training will be held the week of February 4th.

Participants will commit to a training session and then one evening per month of court. Teens will serve in various roles from juror to attorney after receiving training and instruction in the judicial process. The group will work closely with Municipal Court Judge Farren Sheehan to hear actual Class C misdemeanor cases.

“The court is a great opportunity for any teen interested in exploring or pursuing a career in law, law enforcement, or criminal justice. Teens are encouraged to apply to learn the inner workings of the judicial system as an actual part of the municipal court,” Judge Farren Sheehan said. “The teen court holds juvenile offenders responsible for their behavior and provides potential for a more positive experience with the judicial system with hopes of reducing recidivism and helping to deter future crimes.”

The teen court is a voluntary alternative to the sentencing arm of the Municipal and Justice of the Peace Courts. Teens can enter a plea of guilty or no contest and have the sentencing aspect of the case heard by their peers. Instead of paying a fine, the sentence will be community service.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis The first meeting of the new teen court will be the week of February 4th for initial training. For additional information, email teencourt@pflugervilletx.gov or call 512-990-6285.

2019 Pflugerville Teen Court Juror Application