City Of Pflugerville Procurement Information

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1. Contracted Services Email Notification

Contracted services include but are not limited to jobs such as mowing, sidewalk raising, sludge removal, street striping, or printing that require a skilled company or worker to complete a task; and are usually within a statutory threshold set in the local government code or the City’s charter. Quotes and bids may be requested for these types of services. The city uses Texas Bid Services for many contracted projects.

2. Project Bids and Competitive Sealed Proposals

Typically the low-bid and competitive sealed proposal processes are used for projects that are considered capital expenditures such as roadways, building expansions or facility improvements.

State procurement laws are in place that require municipalities to follow the Local Government Code, Chapter 252 regarding lowest responsible bidder and competitive sealed proposals. The city prepares specifications detailing the requirements that must be met by the goods or services the city intends to purchase. A notice is then published on how a bidder may obtain a copy of the specifications. If a city wishes to consider factors other than price in its selection, or other factors such as a bidder’s previous performance or safety record in its selection, the city’s bid specifications should clearly state that such factors will be considered. If other factor are considered, the Council must determine before notice is given the method of purchase that provides the best value for the city. Sealed bids are opened in a designated public session place as indicated in the specifications.

3. Request For Proposals (RFP) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Two frequently used methods to solicit and select firms to provide professional services are the RFP and RFQ processes. Both of these processes differ from the bidding process, where the selection of a firm is primarily not based on price. These solicitations methods are used when specialized services are needed, including but not limited to engineering, architectural, surveying, consulting and bank services. Professional services are exempt from bidding. For engineering, capital improvement projects, buildings and infrastructure, the city uses

How to submit a bid

To submit a bid, review the specifications for the currently open service or product requested at If you wish to respond to an invitation for bids, you must obtain a copy of the detailed specification and submit by the deadline stated in the bid document. Bids received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

Other procurement opportunities:

Texas Bid System- The city uses Texas Bid Systems for commodity bids on general purchases. download bid documents from Texas Bid Systems to be registered. Any time the city is ordering items in large quantities, the city will enter a commodity code for the item desired the system provides the city a list of all suppliers for that specific commodity. The city sends proposals to the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce to help reach the business community.

Central Master Bidders List - Companies are encouraged to register with the state and be placed on the Central Master Bidders List and/or the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) list under a specific commodity code. When seeking a purchase, the city will receive the name of companies under that commodity code and notify the company directly of an existing bid under that commodity code.

Bids over $50,000 are presented to the City Council during regularly scheduled council meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month in City Hall Council Chambers, Suite 500.

Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce - The Chamber is notified of opportunities to increase awareness to the local business community and an advertisement is issued in the Pflugerville Pflag for two consecutive weeks to notify the public and businesses of a pending bid or request for service.

Sign up to be notified for future bids / RFQs at For questions on the status of a bid, call the city at 512-990-6100.