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You’ve picked a great place to call home. The City of Pflugerville, Texas has it all: connectivity via major highway access, economic development, retail opportunities, a strong school district, and great recreational amenities.

Pflugerville is a fast-growing city, home to over 67,000 residents who enjoy safe streets, a beautiful trail system and share incredible community spirit. Pflugerville combines trails and community with business opportunities and is the place where quality meets life.

Here in Pflugerville you’ll find a community that is “pfamily-pfriendly" and embraces small town feel in the midst of tremendous growth. We like to say Pflugerville is “where quality meets life” and that is evident through our city trail system, parks, library and community events.  Thanks to quality of life opportunities, the city of Pflugerville was recognized as the 20th best city in America for a population of 50,000 – 300,000 by Money Magazine in 2016.


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Money Magazine #20

“For consecutive years Pflugerville has placed in the top 50 cities in America, but our leap in the rankings is no surprise to anyone living in Pflugerville because we know Pflugerville is pfantastic,” Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales said. "With quality schools and health care, a strong economy with rising home values and great community amenities - Pflugerville is a desirable place to live.”

Residents are encouraged to use as your source for city news and information. Please familiarize yourself with your city whether you’re buying a new home or exploring your new hometown of Pflugerville.  Sign up for city news alerts and communications today at Pf Connect - Citizen Communication.



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Pflugerville ranks 8th best place for home ownership in Texas

heart house_257_257_thumb Don't you love living here?

The City of Pflugerville was recently recognized as the 8th best place for homeownership in Texas for cities of population 25,000 or greater.

Pflugerville was compared to other Texas cities based on the number of homes available, median household income and monthly homeowner costs and population growth. Pflugerville's notable 77.2 percent homeownership rate, close proximity to Austin and numerous "pfests" throughout the year make Pflugerville a great place to live and others are noticing! Congratulations Pflugerville and to you for already knowing what a great place this is to live!  More Information.

Forbes Magazine Selects Pflugerville as One of the Fastest-growing US Suburban Cities

Money Magazine Top 100 - 2013_thumbSelected by Forbes magazine as one of the fastest-growing US suburban cities, Money Magazine's ranking system compared Pflugerville's connectivity, housing, financial state and quality of life to other cities nationwide. Pflugerville joins the Texas cities of Allen, Flowermound, Mansfield, and McKinney in the top 100 best small cities list.

According to the Money Magazine website, the Best Places to Live designation is based on what "American families care about most - strong job opportunities, great schools, low crime, quality health care and plenty to do."

Money Magazine lists Pflugerville residents' short commutes, the opportunity to relax at Lake Pflugerville full with its recreational opportunities, sound city finances, and the city's commitment to sustainability demonstrated by the planned construction of the Pflugerville Solar Farm, one of the largest solar farms in the country.

Most notable Pflugerville statistics include Pflugerville's 147.94% job growth from 2000 - 2011 compared to the best places average of 25.01%. In addition, Pflugerville's personal and property crime incidents of 1 per 1000 were half the best places average of 2 per 1000, highlighting the low crime rates in Pflugerville.

Pflugerville receives silver level Scenic City Certification

Sceniccity_thumbNine Texas municipalities were awarded the certification and the achievement is valid for five years, from 2012-2017.

“Scenic Texas promotes beautification of the public spaces in the state of Texas, and this is the first attempt in the United States to develop a standard of ordinances and criteria to judge a city based on its efforts to beautify itself," Girard Kinney, Scenic Texas Board Member said. "It allows Scenic Texas to applaud cities like Pflugerville that have high standards of infrastructure and development which support economic prosperity and quality of life. It's a significant achievement for your city."

Having a scenic city improves property values, attracts new business, enhances economic development efforts and further acknowledges the beautification standards in Pflugerville.

The Scenic City Certification Program recognizes Texas cities which already have strong scenic standards and provides an incentive to others to adopt and implement the kind of stringent criteria that has been proven to enhance economic development and improve quality of life. Criteria include a regulated and enforced sign code, ban on new billboards and a landscaping and tree planting program.

Pflugerville joins 28 other Texas cities certified under this program in 2010-2011.