Buying a New Home

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Are you buying a new home in Pflugerville? Welcome! As you are making your purchasing decision, these are some questions to ask:

What’s going near my home?

Is there a vacant lot next to your home? What is intended to go there? Is there a field behind your home?  What is it zoned for? What does that zoning mean? (Could apartments go there in the future, a park, an office complex?)

City Development Services can help you find out what could potentially go there in the future. Sometimes green space is reserved for a future park or trail or the zoning allows for apartments or an office complex. While the city does not select which individual businesses come to town, the city does create zoning to determine what kinds of businesses are permitted to what style of building you can expect to see. Ask the Planning Department so you’ll know what may come in the future. or 512.990.6300.

Are you in the City Limits?

A Pflugerville mailing address doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in the city limits. For example Villages of Hidden Lakes, Commons of Rowe Lane and Sorento all have a Pflugerville mailing address but are not located within the Pflugerville city limits. Similarly, Sarah’s Creek on the west side of town has a Pflugerville mailing address but is located within the City of Austin jurisdiction.

If you are not in the city limits, you may still pay Pflugerville Independent School District taxes and county taxes, but will not receive resident rates for services or resident benefits. Pflugerville Police Department does not serve outside the city limits. The Travis County Sheriff's department serves outer lying areas of Pflugerville. It’s also important to know if your home is located within a Municipal Utility District (MUD) as the taxes will differ for homes located in a MUD. The GIS division can help you identify if you are in the city limit.

Who is the water provider? Who is the water supplier?

Depending on where your home is located, the water lines do not always follow the city limit lines. There are three water providers that service Pflugerville – the city, Manville and SouthWest Water Company. It’s important to know who to call during a water outage and if you hear of a boil water notice to know who services your area. 

What will my taxes be?

Texas funds its schools through local property taxes and will be the bulk of your local taxes. Texas does not have a state income tax.

City News, Events and Information

Whether your home falls in the city limits or not, we hope you will Pf Connect with the City of Pflugerville. The city is on Facebook, Twitter, Nixle text alerts, Code Red regional notification system, YouTube and sends a weekly e-newsletter to subscribers. Visit Pf Connect to sign up for city news and information.