Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Human Resources

    • How do I provide feedback to the Manager's Corner site?

    • What do I do if there is an accident?

  • Public Works

    • Does the city have a water conservation plan?

    • Does the City of Pflugerville have a recycling center?

    • My car hit a pot hole in the city street and was damaged. Who handles the claims?

    • What is the chipping service?

    • What kind of testing is performed to check the water quality?

    • Where can I find information about setting my sprinkler to get the correct watering for my plants and grass?

    • Where do I report a cracked or broken sidewalk?

    • Where do I report a pot hole?

    • Where do I report a street light outage?

    • Where do I report a street that needs repairs?

    • Where do I report a water leak or sewer problem?

    • Where do I report graffiti, accidental damage and vandalism to signage?

    • Where do I report street flooding or drainage problems?

    • Where do I report traffic lights that are not working?

    • Who is responsible for School Zone Lights?

    • Who mows and cares for public right-of-ways and drainage easements in the city?

    • Who trims trees that are blocking signs and intersections?