Pflugerville is Pfifty

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50thPflugerville's Birthday Party was July 24, 2015

Complete with a historic proclamation, free birthday cake, a photo display, 1965 Era Car Show and live music from 1965 from The White Tree and the Ugly Beats.

How did Pflugerville become a city?

Henry Pfluger, a native son of Germany, bought a farm in Pflugerville back in 1853 about five miles east of present day Pflugerville. The town was named in honor of Henry Pfluger who was the first to settle in the area.

It was in the latter part of 1957, early 1958, that a meeting was first held to discuss the possibility of incorporating the Town of Pflugerville, TX. The election was held on Saturday, July 24, 1965 to vote on the question of incorporating the Town of Pflugerville covering less than 2 square miles with a population of 400-450 people.

With 60 votes to incorporate and 40 votes against; on a Saturday, of July 24, 1965 - Pflugerville was incorporated as a city. Let's celebrate!