Pflugerville Fallen Warrior Memorial

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We Will Never Forget...

In November 2004, the citizens of Pflugerville honored a local Marine who gave his life in service to his country during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his funeral, the community explored what other Pflugerville residents had died in defense of freedom, and discovered there was no public record of local soldiers lost in combat. A group of citizens met in January 2005 to plan a way to memorialize their sacrifices. Oral histories were researched, and a memorial designed. Thus, the Pflugerville Fallen Warrior Memorial came to be.

The Fallen Warrior Memorial is prominently located at the junction of Pfluger Park and Gilleland Creek Park. Life-sized bronze sculptures of three generations of warriors stand in front of a granite pentagon upon which the names of our Fallen Warriors are engraved. Limestone amphitheater-style seating provides the backdrop for the pentagon and sculptures. Landscaped walks invite visitors into the memorial.

On Veterans Day 2012, the final part of the memorial was dedicated. A small boy saluting the silhouettes of the soldiers now stands as a depiction of the continual passing of the responsibility of keeping our nation safe. This memorial was a gift to the Fallen Warriors of Pflugerville by grateful families and citizens. All funds were donated by private parties and local businesses.

Bronze Oak Leaves

As a part of the Pflugerville Fallen Warrior Memorial, the walkway leading up to the memorial is lined with Bronze Oak Leaves that can be engraved with the name of anyone you would like to honor. If you have a loved one who has served, or a loved one serving in the armed forces and you would like to honor their service, this is the perfect opportunity. Families can purchase one or several to leave a permanent mark of their support to our patriots.

Sample Memorial Leaf_thumbEach leaf may be engraved with two lines/30 characters per line.  Cost per leaf is $75. Bronze leaves may be ordered from the Parks and Recreation Department.

400 Immanuel Road
Phone: 512-990-6350

Fallen Warriors

Cpl William Wieland_web
Corporal William Wieland

US Army - WWI
October 7, 1918

Cpl Alfred Kerlin_web_thumb
Corporal Alfred Kerlin

US Army - WWI
November 1, 1918
Lt. Kermit Fuchs_web_thumb
Lieutenant Kermit Fuchs

US Army Air Corps - WWII
April 11, 1944
SSGT Jose Riojas_web
Sergeant Jose Riojas

US Army - WWII
July 28, 1944
PFC Roman Correa_web
PFC Roman Correa

US Army - WWII
October 16, 1944
Cpl Elias Lopez_web
Corporal Elias Lopez

US Army - WWII
January 25, 1945 
MM3 Edmund Vorwerk_web
MMIII Edmund Vorwerk

US Navy - Korean War
December 6, 1951
Lance Cpl Gaylon Smith_web_thumb
LCpl Gaylon Smith

USMC - Vietnam
November 4, 1972  
Sgt Byron Norwood_web
Sergeant Byron Norwood

USMC - Op Iraqi Freedom
November 13, 2004
Cpl Yari Mokri_web
Corporal Yari Mokri

US Army - Op Iraqi Freedom
December 6, 2006
Captain Sean Lyerly_web
Captain Sean Lyerly

US Army - Op Iraqi Freedom
January 20, 2007
Pfc Ron Joshua_web
PFC Ron Joshua, Jr.

US Army - Op Iraqi Freedom
July 17, 2007